How to Wear Chains: Belt Chains and Necklaces for Guys

Or, if you say “screw you” to tradition, mix it up! Larger accessories on a shorter chain can actually look great on you if you do it right. If you have a strapless dress or blouse, you can stand out by wearing a choker. So now that you know your necklace length, you’re good to go, right? The easiest way to measure necklace length at home is to grab a measuring tape and simply wrap it around your neck. Adjust it to the length of necklace you desire and voila! Then, when you put it on, you discover it’s not the length you thought. Read more information about Pearls for men

Dog tag necklaces

Most of the time, jewels attract the attention of boys precisely because they are different, atypical. Click here to see what these chain lengths look like. Your choice of pendant should be based on what you are attracted to, what complements your style, and what you want it to say to others about you.

Do not include the length of any charm or pendant hanging from the chain. Necklace measurements are essentially chain measurements. If you want to measure the chain, you will need to open it up and make it as straight as possible. Lay it out on a table or flat surface so that it will be easy to measure.

Figaro chains use round or oval links of different sizes and shapes, typically alternating between 2-3 round links and 1 elongated oval one. This unique chain design has an impressive liquid effect thanks to its V-shaped links. This type of chain doesn’t require a pendant, taking pride of place on its own. See it here.This type of chain is the one typically used for holding a dog tag, the quintessential male necklace. Ball chains are a strong and durable type of chain. However, there are also eye-catching, outrageous types of gold chains that catch people’s attention and take center stage.

Miansai 3mm Chain Necklace, 14k Gold

The method that does not rely on tricks or the use of unusual pantry items. Instead, be patient and clean your jewelry with very mild soap and water mixture to remove any gunk and tarnishing. Apply mild soap and water, or a jewelry-specific cleaning agent, with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Finally, the most effective method for cleaning your beaded jewelry will be the most tedious. Wipe the necklace with a soft, lint-free cloth until clean. The answer to this question, like many others, is that it depends. There are numerous reasons and circumstances under which one should and should not sleep with a necklace.

If you’re going for a classic look and wearing a crew neck sweater or turtleneck, consider longer and slightly thicker chains with eye-catching charms or lockets. You can choose from various shapes, such as the Star of David, clover, or initial letter, to personalize your look for the day. These accessories can help elevate your outfit and add a touch of personality to your style. The second way to layer men’s necklaces like a pro is to match the overall theme. Despite sounding really complicated, this method is actually much easier than you think.

As a general rule, you should choose a chain that fits your size. For slim guys, slim chains of between 2mm and 4mm will work well while guys on the bigger sides should consider 6mm chains. For context, a 2mm necklace is about as wide as the wire of your earphones, while a 6mm necklace is about the width of a pencil. Remember that layering only works when you have multiple chains with different textures and varying lengths. You can choose a choker length anchor piece paired with a longer chain with a pendant. However, you decide to go, keep in mind that three is a good figure for a layer.

Each Etsy shop has its own polices so it might take some time to review all their details ahead of making a purchase, but that’s usually time well-spent. Frost NYC is known as one of the best jewelry companies in the US and especially on the East Coast. They offer fast shipping, a smooth transaction, and a great price/quality ratio. 26 – 30 inches and more are lengths that typically fall in the “bling bling” category. Meant to be worn on the outside of a shirt, these chains can either carry a large pendant like a cross on them or can be worn by itself. These chains are meant to attract the eye and make a statement.

Ribbons or colored cords made of cloth, such as velvet, are typically used for medals rather than decorative jewelry. Whatever the ornament is, it’s a little too feminine for most men’s fashion.

If your neck is particularly wide or muscular, lean more toward these chest-length options. Through any lens, the metal shined, and the wearer never hid the piece. Rather, it hung around their necks as a symbol of wealth and decadence – as if to tell the audience, “See just how much cash I have? ” Along these lines, large pendants, occasionally encrusted with diamonds, pushed this message a bit further.

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